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Doc McBreezy

The Rapping Alter Ego of Dr. Maurice McBride


Dr. Maurice McBride is a business professor at Paine College in Augusta, Georgia. Like most teachers, he instructs courses, advises students, sponsors clubs, organizations, and attends departmental and faculty meetings. But there is one thing that sets Dr. Maurice apart from all other professors: he is also a recording artist.


Dr. Maurice's message is simple: Just because you’re educated doesn’t mean you can’t have fun. Even though he has earned the highest degree attainable, Dr. Maurice still enjoys exploring his creative side. Most recently, he has done so by writing and recording “Whoa Now!”, a fun, line dancing song that promotes his positive message about having fun, especially if you’re in a profession that requires scholarly rigor.


“I love my job, but it’s easy to get bogged down with grading assignments and doing research,” says Dr. Maurice, who published the song as his alter ego, Doc McBreezy. “The pace in higher ed. is fast, and it doesn’t stop. There’s always something to do, something to grade, or a meeting to attend. I wrote this song to remind professional people to relax and have fun sometimes. Get out of the box and de-stress!”


Before returning to his roots as a recording artist (he had a Billboard Top 10 Hit in the late 90s), Dr. Maurice made history when he and his mother earned their doctorates together, from the same school on the same day, becoming the first parent/child duo to do so. Their accomplishment led to them being featured in Ebony, a magazine with a worldwide circulation of over 11 million, and being named one of the most inspirational stories of 2013 by Black Entertainment Television (BET). Their story went viral, and people wanted to know more about this amazing pair. The story of their lives together is told in the book Almost a Statistic, which is available via all major book outlets. When asked whether his students will be surprised to hear their professor rapping and see him in a music video, Dr. Maurice laughs. “Probably not,” he says. “They’re used to me being different.”


You can listen to “Whoa Now!” on YouTube, and learn the line dance by watching the instructional video on that site, as well. The song is available for purchase from all music outlets, including iTunes, TIDAL, and Amazon Music. Follow Doc McBreezy on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter.

Let us know what you think about the Whoa Now! song and line dance. Please leave a comment below.

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