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Dr. Vickie McBride

“We were each other’s support system. There were times when I wanted to quit, and he wouldn’t let me. He told me I set the pace, so I had to finish the race.” ~ Vickie McBride

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Dr. Vickie McBride had the odds stacked against her at a young age, but that didn't stop her from doing what her mother told her to do: get a good education. Although she was raised by a loving parent in a stable home, Dr. Vickie gave birth to her first child just a couple of months after her 14th birthday, and that alone caused many people to doom her to a future limited to too many children and not enough education. She proved them all wrong.


After spending all four years of high school as a parent, Dr. Vickie went to college, got married, and graduated from Savannah State College (now Savannah State University). Realizing that more education meant more opportunities to provide for her growing family, Dr. Vickie pursued a master's degree and eventually earned it from North Carolina Central University.


By the time she and Maurice graduated from Capella University and made history as the first parent and child to earn their doctorates from the same school on the same day, she was a thrice-divorced mother of four adult children. Currently, she is a middle school teacher in Manassas, Virginia.

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